On Board Weigh System

For many of our customers knowing the weight of a load is important so we fit a weighing system, taken from the commercial vehicle sector, that’s accurate to within +/-1%.

The on board weighing system is specifically engineered for use with drawbar trailers and is designed for high accuracy in rugged environments. The system uses four weigh cells, placed below the four corners of the tipping body. Two are built into the tipping pin mounts at the rear of the trailer, while the other two are below the body at the front. The weigh cell system is calibrated in the factory so it is ready for use when the trailer arrives on farm.

There are three options for the weighing system’s digital display. It can be mounted on the trailer chassis, supplied as a remote unit that will fit into a radio-sized slot in the cab, or finally a combination of the special chassis-mounted display with a remote wireless display, about the size of a mobile ’phone, that can be read anywhere in the vicinity of the trailer.



  • High accuracy ±1% FSD or better


  • Simple to operate


  • Rugged for off-road use


  • 17–50 tonnes GVW


  • Trailer identification


  • Overload alarm

Other Optional Extras

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A&S Eggleston

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