Bale Trailers

Bale Trailers

We can build the Bale Trailers from 26ft to 36ft based on our standard flat trailer range.

We have two models available, there is a trailer for two rows of bales and the other version carries three rows high. The trailers can be used for round or square bales, the important point is that the retaining arm must be at least half way up the bale to keep it securely on the trailer.

When using the trailer you do need to stack the bales neatly, the frames are not there to be used to tidy up a poorly stacked load. When the bales are loaded you just raise the frames to hold the bales in place and that’s it ready to travel. It is much quicker and easier than using straps; it is also safer, no one needs to stand near the unsecured bales as you would when using straps. It is important when you unload the trailer that you stay clear when the frames are lowered in case any bales have shifted during transit as they may fall.

“Best trailers on the market… thank you so much to your team in the design office they have been so helpful in getting the designs right on this latest GX 20 CM”

A&S Eggleston

“We purchased our first Stewart Trailer over 20 years ago. The quality and build of the trailers is of the highest standard and the Team are always very friendly and willing to meet individual requirements.”


“We run fifteen Stewart trailers in our busy farm contracting business. I can honestly say the trailer is smart, strong and very safe. In my eyes anyone considering a new trailer needn’t look anywhere else.”


“Undoubtedly the best trailers on the market! Unrivalled build quality, design and attention to detail with superb paint finish. Very approachable company with excellent customer care.”


“When we decided to purchase 3 Stewart Road King Trailers. The trailers have performed as he said they would, particularly their stability on steep hills. Overall great trailers and fantastic company to deal with.”

Meyer Contracting